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Flunitrazepam, also known as Rohypnol among other names, is an intermediate acting benzodiazepine used in some countries to treat severe insomnia and in fewer, early in anesthesia. Wikipedia

Molar mass: 313.3 g/mol

Elimination half-life: 18–26 hours

Metabolism: Liv

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What to know about a Rohypnol drug?

Rohypnol, also known as flunitrazepam, is a powerful sedative that helps to depress the central nervous system. It promotes a soothing effect and induces a peaceful sleep to maintain the overall well-being of a person. If you have trouble sleeping properly at night and are often disturbed by disorders like apnea, we suggest you buy Rohypnol. It is a sure-shot remedy that will help you bring your life back on track. While you think of buying Rohypnol, choose Whites Green. We bring forward a unique way to help you tackle your sleeping disorders with this fantastic drug. However, it is advised to be careful and not overdose on this drug as it may lead to confusion and distorted memory. 

Buy Rohypnols online and use it carefully 

The drug was created in 1957 by a pharmaceutical company named Roche. It began to sell Rohypnol, earlier called flunitrazepam, after almost 15 years. In Europe, it was sold commercially in 1975, and by the year 1990, the drug was sold in the United States as well.


While you buy Rohypnol tablets online, make sure you are aware of its side effects when consumed with other drugs or drinks. Therefore, it is always advised that you take the pill with water. Many addicts abuse the drug to enhance heroin or cocaine high by consuming it, which can lead to a mishap as well. 


Some of the side effects of Rohypnol include:


  • muscle pain

  • irritability

  • seizures

  • numbness

  • restlessness

  • headaches

  • hallucinations

  • photosensitivity

  • tension

  • confusion and others


At Whites Green, we make sure you never get disappointed by the quality and the cost of Rohypnol, so that it is accessible to those in need. Be careful about the quantity, and rest assured you will be welcomed with a great day ahead!

What does Rohypnol drug treat?

This mild and super active drug is capable of treating various issues. The effects can be higher than other drugs. Therefore, it should be administered properly. When consumed, it starts to show the results within a couple of minutes. The elated feeling can last for more than six hours. Therefore, it will help you make the most of the night’s sleep, and you will feel rejuvenated in the morning. 


The other effects of Rohypnol include relaxation in the muscles. Besides, it is also used as an anti-anxiety medicine. Buy Rohypnol at one of the leading online stores, Whites Green, and solve your problems effectively!


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